Voltaic donate to Mining Legends project

Voltaic were keen to be involved and have kindly offered their labour and materials to gut out and replace the auto electric components of the machine.

Joshua Doutch established Voltaic in 2017 with a mission of creating an auto electrical business that employed like-minded auto electricians that enjoyed their work and strived to be the best in their field. By doing this Voltaic would be able provide a service that improves the industry standard and delivers outstanding results to their clients. Since establishment they have done just that, going the extra mile and doing things above expectations.

Voltaic recognises employees as the company’s most valuable assets and therefore has a commitment to providing ongoing training, development and support in a positive work environment.

At Voltaic they are committed to quality in all areas of the business. They provide their staff with personal and professional development training to teach concepts of personal and professional self-management. This creates a focus on excellence in each of their team members and helps maintain their professional profile.

Find out more about Voltaic on their website here: http://www.voltaic.net.au/

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