Miners Promise

Miners’ Promise was established in 2010 by people impacted by workplace fatality. Miners’ Promise is an independent not-for-profit organisation and charity established to support resource sector employees and their immediate families. Their fundamental service is the practical, emotional and financial support provided to families following a significant workplace or non-workplace crisis event or death. In these darkest of times that we rarely plan for, Miners’ Promise steps in like a good friend offering emotional and practical support to members and their families. This often includes financial help –but it is also the logistical, practical and emotional support families need most immediately when faced with the sudden impact of a crisis –particularly a death. Miners’ Promise utilise a companion-model and walk alongside those in need providing support for as long as required. They exist only to assist and support employees and their immediate families working in the Australian resources sector.

Goldfields Esperance Community Trust

The Goldfields Esperance Community Trust is a charitable trust which provides small grants funding to not-for profit voluntary organisations and community groups and individuals in the Goldfields-Esperance region. The trustee of the Trust also acts as trustee of the Goldfields Esperance Community Foundation (DGR Trust) which facilitates tax deductible giving for cash donations. GECT is a charitable trust established in 2012 to provide ongoing community funding to the Goldfields-Esperance region, and in particular small grant funding to not-for-profit voluntary organisations, community groups and individuals, for charitable purposes only.