Rivet Mining Services – In for the Long Haul

Rivet will be involved in the project from start to finish.  Initially it has provided transportation and cranage of the R2900G to the workshop for strip down.  Components have also been transported by Rivet throughout the project and they will deliver the final product to be displayed at the WPIL Auction and Expo in October.  Rivet Mining Services stepped in to ensure it is done expertly and when required.

Rivet Mining Services provide load and haul and ancillary onsite services to mining companies operating in the key resource producing regions of WA.  Services primarily comprise haul and load across off-road and on-road routes from mine to port facilities and/or processing infrastructure.  They also provide haulage for surface mining and deliver crusher feed services with optimum performance at a critical stage of the milling process.

Whist their primary commodities are iron ore and gold, their extended footprint provides them with an opportunity to create new geographical hubs by acquiring new customers in their regional bases.

Their operating structure provides them with the ability to diversify their offerings as they now have ability to partner and offer additional value-added services such as fuels, road maintenance and stockpile management.

To find out more about Rivet, visit www.rivet.com.au 

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