Hardy Spicer – Helping to Drive Mining Legends

Hardy Spicer have kindly refurbished the drivelines and universal joints for the R2900G.

From its beginnings in Burwood Victoria, Hardy Spicer began operating as a specialist in driveline components to service the automotive industry.  They expanded their capabilities over the years and incorporated hydraulic products to complement the services required by their growing customer base.

At Hardy Spicer they are aware that without their customers they would not exist, and they work hard to form meaningful relationships.  They appreciate that their ongoing business is due to their ability to provide a valuable service to customers; something they’ll never lose sight of.

The industries they service are very diverse and cover areas such as automotive (both passenger and heavy vehicles), industrial applications, the mining and drilling industries and the agriculture sector.

Find out more about Hardy Spicer on their website:  www.hardyspicer.com.au

Keep up to date with the Mining Legends project here: www.mininglegends.com