Dynamic Maintenance Services – a team of local legends

Long term local business Dynamic Maintenance Solutions pledges to donate rebuilt wheel ends plus brake packs as well as provide labour to the Mining legends Project.   

Dynamic Maintenance Services was formed in 2007, and concentrates on safety, environmentally sustainable, productive and cost-effective services. The management of DMS are career driven professionals in the fields of maintenance management.

The company treats its clients with integrity and respect while developing and maintaining long term relationships.

DMS continually strive to exceed their clients expectations through the delivery of value adding services.

DMS considered all of it’s employees to be valuable and recognises that the success of the company is dependant upon each employee being able to meet both the companies and the clients need effectively and efficiently.

In addition, DMS requires all of its employees to act honestly, and in good faith, to adhere to ethical business practices and at all times, to protect reputation and good names for both their clients and their business. 

To find out more about Dynamic Maintenance Services, visit http://www.dms-team.com.au

To follow the Mining Legends project, visit www.mininglegends.com