Bend-tech donate to Mining Legend’s project

Bend-tech provided two hinged front guards to be fitted to the Mining Legends loader.

Bend-tech make maintenance on-site safe, efficient and easy by providing cutting-edge solutions through collaboration and innovation. For more than 30 years they have delivered intelligent design and custom-certified products and services to the Mining, Fabrication, Marine and Oil and Gas industries across Australia and around the world. They have achieved this through a deep understanding of their customers and their requirements as well as innovative and industry leading on-site consultations, designs, engineering and construction.

They enable high performance safety and efficiency outcomes across any industry they are involved in. Their safety systems, industrial solutions and steel products have full certification to ensure compliance with Australian Standards. They deliver sustained value and a high-quality experience through constant innovation and collaboration.

Internally and externally they develop relationships and understanding that puts their thinking and solutions ahead of the curve. They stay in front of problems and ready themselves with technology and processes to provide the outcomes and experiences their global client base needs. Their people are what sets them apart, organisation-wide adoption and commitment and commitment to their culture is why they have maintained such long and loyal relationships with suppliers, contractors and their customers.

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