Northern Star (EKJV) Bogs in for Mining Legends

Northern Star (EKJV)

When it comes to donations for the Mining Legends project there has been no bigger donor than Northern Star Mining Services and their joint venture with Tribune Resources and Rand Mining. (EKJV).  They donated the R2900G loader so that the project could get off the ground and was the catalyst for others also contributing.

The East Kundana Joint Venture (Northern Star Resources 51%, Rand and Tribune 49%) is an operational underground gold mining project located in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, 25 kilometres northwest of Kalgoorlie. The project comprises three producing underground deposits, Raleigh, Rubicon and Hornet.

Prospecting and small-scale mining in the Kundana area commenced circa 1895. A small town called “21 mile” was established that later became known as Kundana. Modern mining began in 1988 in the original Kundana South, Kundana North and Strzelecki open pits. Mineralisation was discovered at the Rubicon project in 1999. The project includes the separate deposits of Rubicon, Hornet and Pegasus located on strike along the K2 mineralised trend. The Raleigh deposit, located two kilometres to the northwest on the Strzelecki trend, was discovered in 2000. Open pit mining commenced at Rubicon and Raleigh in 2002. Underground production from Raleigh was realised in 2006 and from Rubicon-Hornet in 2011.

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